Bed Exercises for Elderly Family

Woman holding cane while sitting

While elderly people won’t fancy too strenuous of physical exercises, there are various muscle stretching exercises they can comfortably perform while still in bed.

Remember apart from eating a balanced diet and cleaning their skin regularly, bed exercises for the elderly family are very crucial in preventing pressure sores among other benefits.

Their exercises help them strengthen their shoulders, legs, and hands without necessarily getting out of their bed. Some of these exercises include.

1. Supine Leg Marches

This exercise is mainly meant to exercise the legs, arms and core muscles.

  • While ensuring your feet are horizontal on the bed and knees bent, lie straight on your back with your hand on the side.
  • Lift your bottoms away from the bed until your body is horizontal on the bed
  • Lift at least one leg away from the bed as you press harder into your auxiliary heel. Ensure not to straighten your legs for better muscle exercise.
  • Get your knee toward your upper body until its straight with your bums.
  • Now this round returns your arms to the bed and repeat with the other side.
  • Repeat the exercise for 20 repetitions.

2. Reverse Crunches

The main target for this exercise is your lower abdominal. However, it involves slower movements; it significantly enhances your general stability since it doesn’t depend on either momentum or gravity.

• While on your back, lay your hands on your side and palms down

• While maintaining your legs straight, use your hands to hoist your legs just before your face. Continue lifting the legs until your toes touch the bedpost

• While you are engaging your abdominal fully, bring back your arms to the bed. However, ensure your lower back remains on the mattress for better results. It will feel like rib knitting as you pull your tummy button towards the backbone.

• At least repeat 20 repetitions and every three times you can take a 30-second rest to avoid unnecessary fatigue.

3. Straight Leg Lifts

The main target of this exercise is the upper thigh quadriceps. It is a perfect physical therapy, particularly those with knee problems or unbalanced.

  • While keeping your legs straight, lie straight on your back toes pointing ceiling and feet flexed.
  • Elevate one leg to around 45 degrees from the bed and ensure to engage the quadriceps
  • While the leg is at that position, maintain that position for about two seconds and bring the leg back to the bed.
  • Do it for about 10 to 15 times each time alternating the arms.


Try these bed exercises for elderly family to tighten and tone your shoulders buttocks and abs.