How Old is Too Old to Live at Home?

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People tend to believe that age is progressive: we turn a certain age and then certain possibilities open up to us. But reality isn’t as straightforward, especially concerning our ability to care for ourselves.

Age is just a number. Health depends on a number of factors, including genetics and nourishment. But we can postpone dependency on others in old age. If we consistently put in the effort required to remain healthy, we can enjoy the benefits for several decades.

For that reason, there really is no set age for moving into an elderly home. It depends on the person’s health, family circumstances and their available resources. But how old is too old to live at home? That’s up to the choices we make. These are a few tips that can delay a loved one, or yourself, from making the final move.

Health – Body & Mind

You have complete control over what goes into your body, so make the most natural, nutritious choices available. Maintain a conscious healthy lifestyle. Eat organic foods and research natural solutions to your nutritional deficiencies.

The body can resolve many health issues by merely eating the right foods. Inflammation can be lessened with turmeric teas; magnesium can assist with sleeping. Alternatively, fasting allows the digestive system to rest while the body heals itself.

You can also preserve your physical health by being active. Daily household chores or walks are enough to mobilize the lymph system, which helps to circulate white blood cells around the body. This fortifies your immune system while keeping you in shape.

Frequent light exercise, like stretching or yoga, is more than enough to maintain a health body. Weight lifting and other heavy exercises are good for sustaining strength into old age, but are not necessary. Keep things easy and fun for a mix of health and mental relaxation.

Mind Over Matter

Yes, the mind is just as important to maintain. It’s no use being healthy and strong physically, yet suffering from a mental dysfunction.

Constantly challenge your mind. Do crossword puzzles, discuss opposing viewpoints, read often, practice critical thinking, and eat foods like walnuts that support brain function. Meditation is a free method to cleanse your mind and ease mental tension. Keeping your mind sharp shields it from mental disorders.

Family Affair

Having a support group is key to human health. Studies have shown that people who feel loved, nurtured and who receive long hugs are often healthier than those who feel alone and burdensome.

Family members willing to provide services for their elderly relatives alleviate some of their troubles. It can feel emotionally comforting knowing that they love you and want to be there for you at this time.

If your family is often busy, or you lack that supportive familial unit, home health aides are another viable choice. They can clean, cook, and do physically demanding things for you. Check with your medical insurance to see what options are best for you.

Never Give Up

The age you move into an elderly home is really up to you. Our lives are the result of our decisions, and if you’ve made wise choices, you can see health benefits well into your 80s and 90s. However, it takes consistent effort to realize, so start living consciously as soon as possible!