The Process For Creating A Universal Design Bathroom

universal design bathroom

Designing the best universal bathroom is a personal process that depends on a number of factors. The type of disability, as well as predicting future needs down the line are all important things for consideration. Essentially, it’s the same concept as Universal Design used in the bathroom!

Sometimes there could be shame involved with choosing accommodations, but shake that off right away. There is no shame in removing stress and adding to the quality of one’s life. Everyone deserves to have an easy time in their bathroom.

While designing the new bathroom, consider how many people will be using the bathroom each day and how often. Do multiple people have disabilities that need accommodating? Work out the best way to provide the best experience for everyone.

There are many additions that can be made in a bathroom, and some of them are listed below to give a starting point. Of course, there are many more changes that can be put into a bathroom, and some people won’t need all of them.

Ideas for a Universal Design Bathroom

  • Slip Resistant Flooring – This should be a must in any bathroom. Adding slip-resistant flooring prevents falls and comes in stylish options
  • Wide Walk Ways – This is the most important thing in a universal bathroom. Make sure that there is enough room for wheelchairs to move around in all directions without bumping into anything.
  • Electric Switches – Keep the light-switches at a lower height so anyone in a wheelchair won’t have to strain to reach it.
  • Toilet – The toilet should be seventeen inches off the ground, which is the best height for people in a wheelchair.
  • Curb-less Showers – Installing a shower without a curb allows for easy bathing. A shower bench should come along with the curb-less shower to complete it.

The suggestions above are only a starting point, but they are essential basics that should definitely be included in the design process. Further additions are plentiful and can ease the use of a bathroom immensely. Work with a designer and perhaps a home care worker to gain further advice on what the best layout would be.

Embarrassment or anger at the amount the changes on the list isn’t productive. At some point, everyone will need similar help in their lives. It is better to make the changes rather than live in discomfort and frustration from not being able to use the home independently.