When to Use a Safety Door Knob

The UltraLatch Door Handle

An investment many people don’t think about is safety door knobs. If you have a child, live with an elderly person, or someone who is disabled — this can be a great investment. It can keep your loved ones (or residents) from accessing certain areas they can harm themselves in. 

Other types of safety door knobs can allow people with limited mobility to open doors easily.

Using an Accessible Door Knob

In fact, there are certain guidelines (like the Americans with Disabilities Act) which require door knobs to be easily accessed and used by disabled individuals. 

A good door opener isn’t typically a “knob” at all.

Most of the safety door openers for the disabled include a handle which can be pushed down or pulled up (for ease of use). 

Note: Our Ultralatch is designed to be the safest and easiest door “knob” on the market. 

Using a Knob to Limit Access

People may think it’s cruel to lock someone inside a house but in reality, it’s not at all cruel. In fact, it actually keeps people safe.

One of the hardest facts of life is that we all age. As we get older, the body starts to slow down and not function as well as it did during our younger years. 

One of the most noticeable examples is the brain. A lot of elderly people suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. In this state, they can no longer take care of themselves alone and will need support and supervision. This is why safety door knobs can be useful. 

When someone in this state starts to roam around, it can cause issues. 

A lot of times police will be called on them because they are acting out of the norm. Obviously, it’s not their fault because their mental state has deteriorated tremendously. 

Still, people will be cautious and may end up calling the police in which the police will recommend you to not let them outside unsupervised. If police officers recommend keeping them inside, it’s best to listen to their advice in order to avoid future issues.

The most important reason you want to keep them inside for their own safety. 

Just as people may be afraid for their own safety, you should be afraid of the elderly person’s safety. Going outside or into a certain room can get them into numerous life-threatening situations. If they’re outside, they can fall down or wander into an unsafe area. 

If they’re inside, they can get into a room with dangerous objects and potentially hurt themselves especially if there are stairs. Falling downstairs can be fatal to anyone but it can be more fatal to the elderly as their body is weakened and is more susceptible to injury.

Don’t think of keeping the elderly inside like some sort of cruel punishment. Some people need extra attention because they are a danger to themselves. 

Though we may wish life was different, we can’t control what it throws at us. So why not do what you can to keep the people you love protected? There’s nothing wrong with making sure they are safe.