Homeowners can now have the most comfortable door latch on the market on every door in their house.


A hotel or resort owners interested in having their logo branded on the door handle, motivated by branding and functionality.

Interior Designers

Designers are you looking for a way to totally change the look, style, and function of the way people see a room and enter and leave that room? If so, you need to see the SOSS UltraLatch today.


Universal design is a key principle of architecture. Learn more about how SOSS UltraLatch has used universal design to create the most comfortable door latch on the market ever.

UltraLatch Doorknobs

A doorknob that has no knobs! A perfect way for opening doors without using your hands, twisting your wrist or bending; benefiting anyone with limited hand skills or special needs. The SOSS UltraLatch is an example of a simple but powerful solution, not only in ease of use, but also to help avoid possible accidents.

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