The Most Comfortable Door Latch Ever!

Comfortable & Easy to Use

Our ergonomically designed latch is designed for comfort so it fits your hand perfectly. The ease of use requires a simple push or pull motion on the latch to open the door.

Variety of Styles

We offer a variety of finishes and features to match any style in your home.

Lifetime Warranty

Our handle is made in the USA with top grade materials and design. We offer a lifetime warranty on the UltraLatch. It is the last door latch you will ever need to buy.

The Most Comfortable Door Latch Ever!

One activity you do every single day, probably without thinking about it, is open a door. People have been using a variety of door knobs to do this job since we had doors to open. Nothing has really changed much in the design and functionality of the door handle.

Until now.

If you want a new way to way to open a door that is comfortable and easy to use, then you need to see the UltraLatch by SOSS. This door latch is singularly unique in the industry and is simply the most comfortable and easy to open door latch on the market today. There is nothing else like it.

UltraLatch Push and Pull Motion

Our handle uses a push/pull motion to open the door which is not only comfortable, but functional as well. If your hands are full or you have an injury or arthritis that makes bending and turning your wrist painful now you don’t have to any longer. Simply push our latch with your hand or pull and the door will open. You can even use your elbow to push it if your hands are full!

UltraLatch Benefits

Our Latch Offers:

  • The most comfortable door latch on the market. Period.
  • Uses a push/pull motion eliminating the need to bend the wrist to open the door
  • Beautiful design with a variety of finishes to match any style
  • Last door latch you will buy as we offer a lifetime warranty

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