Improved Customer Experience

As a hospitality property owner, you have a couple of issues that we at SOSS can help you with. First, you want to make the experience of your guests one to remember. Second, you want them to remember to use your property again and choose your brand over a competitor. Would you believe a simple door latch could help accomplish both goals?

Poor Guest Experience

Imagine this scene. A guest arrives and checks in. They are tired from traveling and have luggage and an arm load of stuff. When they arrive at their room they run into the typical lever latch door handle with a card reader. While they are trying to balance their arm load of stuff, coffee, and luggage they must try and free up a hand to twist the lever down to open the door and that is when catastrophe strikes.  They drop the stuff in their hands, spill their coffee and make a total mess! They are now in a bad mood and don’t have a positive experience with your hotel or brand.

SOSS Improved Positive Guest Experience

Let’s create a different picture and a better experience for that guest. Imagine the same tired guest with the same arm load of stuff arrives at their room. This time they see a SOSS UltraLatch that has been branded with your hotel logo (important). They simply slide the card in the reader and with one quick push motion of their elbow or even the back of the hand they open the door!

They don’t twist the lever, drop their stuff, make a mess and have a bad day. This guest’s entire experience with your hotel has been changed simply by replacing the old outdated lever latch on your doors with a durable, lifetime warrantied SOSS UltraLatch.

The Most Comfortable & Easy to Use Door Latch Ever

Opening doors has never been so easy. Our ergonomic motion of a push/pull mechanism allows guests to simply push or pull a handle to go through a door! No need to twist handles any longer. This works great for a guest with their hands full or a guest with an injury or arthritis where bending or twisting the wrist is painful or even impossible.

Replace the old, outdated door latches with the SOSS UltraLatch today!

Our SOSS UltraLatch Offers:

  • The most comfortable door latch on the market. Period.
  • Uses a push/pull motion eliminating the need to bend the wrist to open the door
  • Beautiful design with a variety of finishes to match any style
  • Last door latch you will buy as we offer a lifetime warranty
  • Optional logo branding on the handle **

Still have questions? Please take a moment to view our FAQ page here.