Appealing to Distinction

The SOSS UltraLatch is the most comfortable door latch ever. In addition, it is the most ADA compliant door latch ever designed. It will change the way doors are opened forever.

The Most Comfortable Door Latch Ever!

When people enter a space for the first time they need to go through an entryway. At SOSS Door Hardware we help you create amazing entryways with our innovative door hardware. Sometimes entryways have unique issues that need to be solved. Architects utilize universal design to solve these problems and create spaces that work for the clients. At SOSS we have adopted the universal design principle to solve change the way doors are opened forever.

The Most ADA Compliant Door Latch on the Market

One of our products is the UltraLatch Door handle. It works differently than any other door latch on the market today and is simply the most comfortable door latch ever. Instead of a traditional door knob or lever latch our SOSS UltraLatch works on the principle of a push and pull motion to open and close doors. It doesn’t require you bend your wrist to turn a traditional knob or lever, which is a great feature for people with injuries or limited mobility in their wrist from age or other issues.

Comfortable & Convenient for a Variety of People

If your hands are full and you need to turn a door handle you have an issue. With the SOSS UltraLatch this problem is solved. You can use the back of your hand or even your elbow to simply push the door open without putting all your stuff down first.

The SOSS UltraLatch Works for:

  • Seniors: If you are senior with arthritis or other issues that case pain when you bend your wrist you can use the UltraLatch in your home or living space on all your doors to easily open them with no more wrist bending.
  • Hospitality: If you are building a hospitality project the SOSS UltraLatch is a fantastic edition to the doors to guest rooms. Easy to open for everyone including people with full hands.
  • Branding: The handle to the SOSS UltraLatch can be customized with company logos and shapes to create branding through your entire facility.
  • Medical: If you have a medical facility where patients may have injuries to their hands or wrists, but still need to get in and our UltraLatch can be the solution. Physical therapists, doctors, or any other medical facility.

It is a completely unique design that utilizes functionality and comfort that cannot be copied any other way. Take a moment to watch our video below and consider using the SOSS UltraLatch in your next design project.

UltraLatch Benefits

  • The most comfortable door latch on the market. Period.
  • Uses a push/pull motion eliminating the need to bend the wrist to open the door
  • Beautiful design with a variety of finishes to match any style
  • Last door latch you will buy as we offer a lifetime warranty

Still have questions? Please take a moment to view our FAQ page here.