Frank Lloyd Wright and Organic Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright Organic Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright and organic architecture. You see these words bungled up together. Interlinked. And so important to a world that is dangerously on the brink of an environment and health system collapse. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the foremost pioneers of architecture, who coined “organic architecture“.

What is Organic Architecture?

The term is a belief that the natural life that exists in space should flow into, peacefully coexist with, and benefit from all construction in space.

It is of the mentality that a house should not sit on top of a hill but rather that the house is of the hill, a part of it, and its existence.

Wright also improved on a famous phrase of the also legendary architect Louis Sullivan: that form follows function. He unanimously declared that no, form and function are one, integrating this principle into Organic Architecture.

Students and mentors at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture have taken this motto to heart when they created the Mod. Fab, the 600 Square foot, one-bedroom prefab prototype, conducive to comfortable and sustainable living in the heart of the desert.

What is Mod.Fab?

Mod.Fab utilizes lightweight panelized build, rainwater accumulation, and greywater reuse, solar panels, low consumption gear and fixtures, and ventilation from nature.

Mod.Fab is perfect for senior citizens in this pandemic which advises them to stay home indefinitely. It is small, only one bedroom.

Everything is the low cost including:

  • Reusable clean water
  • Low energy fixtures
  • No need for ventilation from artificial sources

In light of the present reality that senior citizens are some of the most prone citizens for infection in the pandemic. And when infected, likely add to the increased mortality rate. It’s best to stay home and live in a home that is most similar in features to Mod.Fab. Low costs and good design equal a great place to age.

The pension income of senior folks is fixed. And money is greatly affected by the expected rise in prices for their immediate needs such as medicine and food. The one thing also that Mod. Fab has that is ideal for these people is adherence to non-use of chemical-based materials in its construct. These chemicals can lead to unintended poisoning of the residents either through the air or through touch.

Senior citizens are on the edge of a new normal wherein on everything they are doing, they should protect themselves, including the environment where they regularly live in. So living long term in a sustainable low expense home is their best bet for security in this uncertain world.