Transform Your Home with a New Bedroom Door Design

Door with UltraLatch Handle Installed

Open Your Door (and Mind)

One of the easiest ways to modernize and refresh your room is to give those doors some TLC. Trendy bedroom door designs are taking the internet by storm, and for good reason.

A door that is both stylish and practical can give your living area a unique edge that will make it stand out to visitors, potential buyers, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the top trending modern bedroom door designs among the who’s who of DIY and influencers.

The Barn Door

Now adding some meaning to the phrase “raised in a barn,” this kind of door gives the rustic, farmhouse vibe new life. A barn door doesn’t open like a traditional door, but rather slides open and closed via a rail. Having a door open in an unexpected way is a brilliant modern twist.

The Mural Door

Scroll through instagram and you’ll see this door everywhere. Modern bedrooms tend to be more subdued on color, so what better way to add a pop of brightness than to have a colored door?

Many artists have decorated their doors with gorgeous prints and designs, but if you’re not the artistic type, there are plenty of colored doors available on the market. Some popular colors include a hushed violet, fire red, or burnt orange.

The Bookshelf Door

These doors used to be the stuff of movies and haunted mansions, but they’re actually easy to find on the market now.

A bookshelf door doesn’t have to make your room completely incognito, but can make for an unexpected storage area and beautiful conversation piece. With this bedroom door design, you can infuse some quiet library ambiance into your place of rest.

Let Your Design Run Wild (Almost)

Doors are often an unexplored place of creativity.

Thanks to Pinterest and the DIY movement, there are now more designs available than ever. Whether you’re looking for something to make your bedroom pop, or to give your home a little modern edge, there’s a door for you.

Just remember that whatever door you choose; make sure it’s practical.

Little ones, seniors, or people with accessibility needs might find some door designs difficult to use.

A good idea is to remember that doors are fully customizable. Swap knobs, handles, and hardware to make your door work for you. With so many modern bedroom door designs to choose from, you can make your home ready for the 2020s.