Contemporary Design Appeal & Ease of Use

Elegant Design

Our SOSS UltraLatch comes in a variety of finishes to match any color or style

Comfortable & Easy to Use

The SOSS UltraLatch is the most comfortable and easy to use door latch on the market. There is nothing else on the market that offers the look and comfortable easy to use functionality.

Lifetime Warranty

This is the last door latch you will ever need to buy. Our SOSS UltraLatch comes with a lifetime warranty.

Elegant Design & Functional Excellence

As a designer, you are always looking for elegant and sharp looking accessories that are both functional and add a sense of style to your room. At SOSS we specialize in door hardware that adds grace, beauty, clean lines, and is functional. Our UltraLatch is the most comfortable door latch ever designed and looks amazing. It will add a unique look to your room as there are no other door latches that look or work like the SOSS UltraLatch. Our design features and easy to grip design that will open any door with a simple push or pull motion.

Variety of Finishes & Styles

The SOSS UltraLatch comes in a variety of finishes to match your color and overall design style for any room you may want to use it in. We also have other features such as privacy locks. Finally, the latch set is designed to fit a variety of different sized doors in a variety of thicknesses.

Ergonomic Design

The SOSS UltraLatch doesn’t just look beautiful and unique it also works differently than anything else designed on the market today. Unlike traditional door knobs or lever latches that require you turn or push down to unlatch the door, the SOSS UltraLatch works by simply pushing or pulling on the handle.

This is great for people that may have an injury or arthritis in their hand and find it difficult or impossible to turn their wrist. With the SOSS UltraLatch, they don’t have to. Even if you have no psychical issues preventing you from turning your wrist you may find your hands full, but with just a push of your elbow, you can easily open a door with the SOSS UltraLatch.

UltraLatch Benefits

Our Latch Offers:

  • The most comfortable door latch on the market. Period.
  • Uses a push/pull motion eliminating the need to bend the wrist to open the door
  • Beautiful design with a variety of finishes to match any style
  • Last door latch you will buy as we offer a lifetime warranty

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